Let’s pass notes like the spies do!

Last week I was watching 60 Minutes and the British Author, David Cornwell, was being interviewed. He is best known for his espionage novels under the pen name John le Carre.  He also worked in the Secret Intelligence Service in the 50’s and 60’s (can you say spy).  He was asked if he thought because of the cyber world we live in is there really a need for spies anymore? Mr. Cornwell responded yes, more than ever and they are not using computers to do it, but getting messages back and forth using old fashioned paper! Ok, being the owner of a paper boutique that was music to my ears and speaks to a point I always make, sometimes nothing beats a handwritten note. Whether it is a thank you note, a sympathy note or simply a note to say hello, handwritten on beautiful stationery, it connects you to your recipient in a way an email cannot. Who doesn’t love getting a note in the mail, it makes you feel special.

I think just as important as handwriting a note is what it is written on.  If you have something that makes you feel happy and special when you pull it out to write on you will be more motivated to do it.

So lets be like the spies and pass a paper note!!





New Years Resolutions – Do you or don’t you

Pink Watercolor New Year Social Media Graphic


So do you make New Years resolutions? I do but I have learned ( thru trial and error:) ) to keep them simple and short so they are more attainable, after all that’s the goal right?

I am making 2  personal resolutions (this is a little scary now that I am documenting this)

1.) to reintroduce yoga into my weekly schedule – my goal 2 times a week

2.) Be more present. So much of my day to day life is on a computer, iphone and tablet that I am going to really try to log off and look around, reconnect and as cliche as it sounds take some time to smell the roses.

Of course I’d like to eat better, drop 10 lbs and be a better person but these are works in progress.

As for The Dotted i, the new year is always a great time to renew and refresh. This year will be no different. We will be attending several trade shows in search of new products and have new items arriving this week!

We will continue expanding our vendors for wedding invitations to offer our customers the most up to date trends in 2018.

Even though we plan on growing our home decor/gift lines we will always have a large and beautiful selection of invitations and stationery many that can be customized for you the same day, we truly believe there is nothing stronger than the written word.

Some big changes for us will be our website, thedottedi.net. We’ve given the website a mini face lift and many, many more products added and this will continue thru out 2018.  We always,always want to see you in our store but we want you to be able to shop The Dotted i wherever/whenever.

Most importantly, we want to thank all our wonderful, loyal customers for a tremendous 2017 we wouldn’t be here without you!!!  We cannot wait to take this 2018 journey together.  Here’s to New Years Resolutions! Happy New Year!!!